Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How I Got Started In Lockpicking

If you’re here reading this, then you already have an interest in lock picking  Maybe you’re an experienced lock picker  maybe a locksmith,  and you’re just here to buy quality tools at great prices. But maybe you’re a neophyte, just getting started on your lock picking journey and hungry for knowledge. I’d like to share my personal story of how I got started in this hobby, and I’d love to hear yours. Lock picking is a bit of a lonely pursuit at first, not many people are familiar with it, and when you try to talk to friends and family about it, you inevitably hear “what, are you going to be a cat burglar now?” Luckily you soon find there’s a thriving picking community online with like minded fellows.

I had an interest in lock picking  for many years, but I never followed up on it. Before the advent of the Internet there were very few resources to learn from. I can’t say really what sparked my interest originally, maybe a movie. Anyway, one day I was browsing a forum dedicated to every-day carry items and I decided to start a thread about lock picking  I was amazed at the response! Seems there were lots of people interested in learning, and a few who were experienced in lock picking  A police detective from Kentucky, an expert who made his own picks and used them in the course of his work, kindly sent me a set and gave me guidance on how to get started.

I opened my first lock within the first hour of trying! I was giddy. Then I started working on as many locks as I could find, and reading the excellent primers to be found online. With every triumph I gained confidence.

Now I look for old locks at every garage sale and flea market I go to. I have a couple I haven’t defeated yet, but I will. I’ve put my newfound skill to work helping my MIL get into her house after she locked her keys in (I would have rather kicked in the door lol).

Lock picking is a great hobby with real world practical value. I encourage everyone to pursue it and this site is an excellent place to start.

Bob Price

About the Author:
Bob Price was the creator and host of an outdoors radio program for two years, discussing many types of outdoor sports and activities. Bob still finds time to pick a lock every now and again.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why Do You Want To Learn To Pick Locks, Cat Burglar?

Ok, before you immerse yourself in the excellent world of lockpicking, you have to ask yourself the philosophical question: why do I want to learn how to pick locks? You really have to get this out of the way, because I can guarantee you that people will be saying snarky things like  “what, you wanna be a cat burglar or something?” And looking at you funny at parties like you’re going to sneak into their bedroom and steal their cheap jewelry. Actually, that’s kinda cool
But no, really, other than the intellectual challenge of learning how locks work, and learning how to defeat them, and I can tell you right now 99% of people just won’t understand that,  what do you tell someone who looks at you askance and asks you why in the world would you want to know how to pick locks?
We can all think of several satisfying things to say I’m sure. But they wouldn’t help advance the art of lockpicking. You have to point out the practical applications of the skill. And a little secret, everyone wishes they knew what you know. 
A few months ago my mother-in-law locked herself out of her house, again. Normally i would leave her to the wolves, or the raccoons, whichever came first. But, I had just started learning how to pick licks, even before I had acquired any professional tools like they have here, and I opened her door without even having to kick it down, which I would have preferred. I was the hero of the moment, and I do mean moment, as soon as she got in I was a loser again.

Bob Price

About the Author:
Bob Price was the creator and host of an outdoors radio program for two years, discussing many types of outdoor sports and activities. Bob still finds time to pick a lock every now and again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Another successful year at DEFCON!!

DEFCON 21 was our best year to date, we debuted many new products including our own line of lock picks the "Black Diamond" and "Ruby". The DEFCON staff was, as always helpful and keen to help us have a great show and we thank you for that.

We have added a new category in the header of our site titled DEFCON 21, here you will find the products we had at our booth. Again thank you all for helping us have the biggest year we have ever had.