Thursday, July 25, 2013

4 Great Online Lockpicking Tutorials

So you’re interested in learning to pick locks, and you’ve already found a great site for the tools you’ll need right here. So the next order of business is, how to learn? It’s not as if experienced lock pickers can be found in the Yellow Pages. Of course you’ll find excellent guidance right here in the pages of this blog, and this is the best place to start.  Alternatively you could go round to the local locksmith and pester him to show you the tricks of the trade, but that’ll likely get a door slammed in your face. Luckily, for those who value multiple sources of information, the Internet offers some great sites for the beginner.

A list of tutorials by forum members covering just about every aspect of lock picking including the various types of locks and how they work and the tools to defeat them, and more. Of value both for the beginner and the more advanced student. This is the place where lock picking enthusiasts hang out and you’d do well to join in the conversation and profit from their wisdom and knowledge, as well as the camaraderie of chillin’ with fellow lock pickers.

This white paper has been around for a long time and has absolutely nothing to do with the university in MA, but it sounds good. It’s a classic and, shameless plug, it’s being completely revised and updated right here at Bump My Lock, so you know it’s good stuff. I have absolutely no idea of its provenance but it's stood the test of time and it’s a great resource for the novice. 

I include this for those who remember with nostalgia the infamous TOTSE forum where bomb makers, anarchists, mad scientists and hackers used to congregate to share suppressed information. Alas, it is no more, a victim of it’s own subversiveness. This is rather dated and primitive, but maybe some will benefit from it’s stark, no-frills presentation.

Another great forum and knowledge resource. Chock full of lock picking fanatics who are more than happy to share their experience. And some good advice if you screw up. 

Hopefully these will keep you busy for a while, but don’t forget to check in here daily, or you’ll hurt my feelings. Happy Picking!

Bob Price

About the Author:
Bob Price was the creator and host of an outdoors radio program for two years, discussing many types of outdoor sports and activities. Bob still finds time to pick a lock every now and again.

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