Monday, February 11, 2013

New Black Diamond Lock Picks from Bump My Lock.

Black Diamond Lock Picks from Bump My Lock

The Black Diamond series lock picks are the best lock picks money can buy and are built to last. With our Black Diamond lock picks, we start with American made mil spec 1074 spring steel and heat-treat it to blue temper spring hardness, and if that wasn't enough we coat each pick with a black oxide coating to give that unique Black Diamond look and added protection to the pick. The Black Diamond series of lock picks are the strongest picks on the market. Made in the USA, you will be proud to call the Black Diamond your next lock pick set. 

There is no substitute for quality and with the Black Diamonds you not only get the best quality lock pick money can buy you also get a great price. Through all the brands we have tested, the Black Diamond comes out shining for what it is, ... a Diamond.

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