Friday, February 15, 2013

Black Diamond Lock Picks are a Hit!

Black Diamond Lock Pick Sets by Bump My Lock

We have put the Black Diamond lock picks through the ringer and they have come out shining like diamonds.  We are seeing a 30% increase in spring and tensile strength. The laminated handles are just the right size to offer great comfort with maximum amount of feel.

One of the questions often asked is, "What is the difference between stainless steel lock picks and Black Diamond lock picks?" The Black Diamond lock picks are made from 1074 mil spec spring steel that is heat-treated. This creates a strength that is consistant throughout each lock pick; where as, stainless steel when taking a cross section, has less hardening in the middle. This will give the Black Diamond a MUCH better memory that resistes bending or kinking. The Black Diamond series of lock picks will also have a much longer life, being made from a harder metal.  You will see much less wear on your lock pick set.

You can now get the Black Diamond in our new jackknife folding lock pick set named the Dakota. This unique tool has the jackknife handle with the Bogota inspired profile lock picks. The Dakota is the best pocket knife folding lock pick set to ever be sold.
DAKOTA Folding Lock Pick Set
DAKOTA Folding Lock Pick Set

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