Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Ruby Stainless Steel Lock Picks

We felt the need for quality, American made, lock picks. We answered with our Black Diamond Lock Picks, made 1074 spring steel. Then we said, "what about stainless?" Well, that is where the Ruby line of pick comes in... Made from quality tempered stainless steel and manufactured right here in the USA. The Ruby line of lock picks will exceed your expectations.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Best Lock Picking Guide

This is a revision of the document formerly known as the MIT Lock Picking guide. I know this is a large post but this document has a wealth of information on lock picking.

  1. Its Easy. 
  2. How a key opens a lock. 
  3. The Flatland Model. 
  4. Basic Picking & The Binding Defect. 
  5. The Pin Column Model. 
  6. Basic Scrubbing. 
  7. Advanced Lock Picking. 
  8. Exercises. 
  9. Recognizing and Exploiting Personality Traits. 
  10. Final Remarks. 

Chapter 1

It's Easy

The big secret of lock picking is that it's easy. Anyone can learn how to pick locks.

The theory of lock picking is the theory of exploiting mechanical defects. There are a few basic concepts and definitions but the bulk of the material consist of tricks for opening locks with particular defects or characteristics. The organization of this manual reflects this structure. The first few chapters present the vocabulary and basic information about locks and lock picking. There is no way to learn lock picking without practicing, so one chapter presents a set of carefully chosen exercise that will help you learn the skills of lock picking. The document ends with a catalog of the mechanical traits and defects found in locks and the techniques used to recognize and exploit them. The first appendix describes how to make lock picking tools. The other appendix presents some of the legal issues of lock picking.

The exercises are important. The only way to learn how to recognize and exploit the defects in a lock is to practice. This means practicing many times on the same lock as well as practicing on many different locks. Anyone can learn how to open desk and filing cabinet locks, but the ability to open most locks in under thirty seconds is a skill that requires practice.

Before getting into the details of locks and picking, it is worth pointing out that lock picking is just one way to bypass a lock, though it does cause less damage than brute force techniques. In fact, it may be easier to bypass the bolt mechanism than to bypass the lock. It may also be easier to bypass some other part of the door or even avoid the door entirely. Remember: There is always another way, usually a better one.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Black Diamond Lock Picks are a Hit!

Black Diamond Lock Pick Sets by Bump My Lock

We have put the Black Diamond lock picks through the ringer and they have come out shining like diamonds.  We are seeing a 30% increase in spring and tensile strength. The laminated handles are just the right size to offer great comfort with maximum amount of feel.

One of the questions often asked is, "What is the difference between stainless steel lock picks and Black Diamond lock picks?" The Black Diamond lock picks are made from 1074 mil spec spring steel that is heat-treated. This creates a strength that is consistant throughout each lock pick; where as, stainless steel when taking a cross section, has less hardening in the middle. This will give the Black Diamond a MUCH better memory that resistes bending or kinking. The Black Diamond series of lock picks will also have a much longer life, being made from a harder metal.  You will see much less wear on your lock pick set.

You can now get the Black Diamond in our new jackknife folding lock pick set named the Dakota. This unique tool has the jackknife handle with the Bogota inspired profile lock picks. The Dakota is the best pocket knife folding lock pick set to ever be sold.
DAKOTA Folding Lock Pick Set
DAKOTA Folding Lock Pick Set

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Black Diamond Lock Picks from Bump My Lock.

Black Diamond Lock Picks from Bump My Lock

The Black Diamond series lock picks are the best lock picks money can buy and are built to last. With our Black Diamond lock picks, we start with American made mil spec 1074 spring steel and heat-treat it to blue temper spring hardness, and if that wasn't enough we coat each pick with a black oxide coating to give that unique Black Diamond look and added protection to the pick. The Black Diamond series of lock picks are the strongest picks on the market. Made in the USA, you will be proud to call the Black Diamond your next lock pick set. 

There is no substitute for quality and with the Black Diamonds you not only get the best quality lock pick money can buy you also get a great price. Through all the brands we have tested, the Black Diamond comes out shining for what it is, ... a Diamond.