Friday, October 12, 2012

Choosing the Lock Pick Set for Your Needs

Determining your lock-picking needs is as simple as taking inventory of the types of locks you plan to pick.  For example, for most pin-tumbler locks, you will need a double-ended tension wrench, a variety of rake lock picks and at least one hook lock pick.  For bi-directional wafer locks, a double ball lock pick is essential, in addition to the other key tools. When considering a lockpicking set, you always want to ensure that your picks are made of top-quality materials, such as carbon spring steel or stainless steel. This will give you superior handling, and will allow for a more precise manipulation of the tools.

For most applications, our standard b-230 lock pick set will cover most of your pin-tumbler lock-picking basics. It includes 2 hook locks, a double ball, two different rake picks, 2 single-sided picks and a high-quality double ended tension wrench.  It is a smaller spring steel lock picking set, and all of the picks have reinforced handles, which is essential to protecting the life and integrity of the tools. The spring steel is lightweight and durable.

For a wider range of lock-picking applications, the mpxs-20 is a popular choice.  These lock picks are made of stainless steel, and the heavier picks have reinforced handles which are welded rather than riveted.  Keep your focus on that challenging lock instead of worrying that your lock pick is going to snap right in your hands.  Not only are these tools sturdy, they offer a skilled user precision and longevity.

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