Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dyno Kwik Pick

This pick has become one of our more popular picks, and we have had many questions on the best way to use this pick.

The Dyno Kwik Pick is a spring loaded snake lock pick inside an aluminum tube.

 Dyno Kwik Pick Instructions ( the ones that come with the item )

Step 1

  • 1. Loosen the thumb screw and slide it forward to expose the pick. Tighten the thumb screw to secure the pick in place.
  • 2. Loosen the end cap counter clockwise to release the tension wrench.

Step 2

  • 3. Insert the tension wrench into the lock mechanism with no tension.
  • 4. Insert the pick into the lock mechanism with the hump portion of the pick toward the pins.

Step 3

  • 5. Move the pick in-and-out and up-and-down in the lock mechanism while applying slight turning pressure on the tension wrench. (DO NOT FORCE THE TENSION WRENCH)
  • 6. The pick begins to line up the pins to a shear line as the tension wrench applies slight pressure to prevent the pins from dropping back down.

Step 4

  • 7. Once the pick has lined up all the pins to a shear line, the tension wrenc, acting as a replacement key, turns to open the lock.
  • 8. If the lock does not open after 5 or 6 atempts release pressure on the tension wrench and repeat steps 2 through 4.

Another use for this lock pick.

Being that this is a spring loaded pick we can also use it as a quick rake or kwik rake. To do that follow all the steps below:  (Remember not to tighten the thumb screw)
  • 1. Loosen the thumb screw and slide it forward to expose the pick. Keep screw loose.
  • 2. Loosen the end cap counter clockwise to release the tension wrench.
  • 3. Insert the tension wrench into the lock mechanism with no tension.
  • 4. Insert the pick into the lock mechanism with the hump portion of the pick toward the pins.
  • 5. Once the pick is completely inserted into the lock, release the screw, and allow the pick to retract.
  • 6. Once the pick has lined up all the pins to a shear line, the tension wrench, acting as a replacement key, turns to open the lock.
  • 7. If the lock does not open after 5 or 6 attempts release pressure on the tension wrench and repeat steps 4 and 5.
I have found this method of using the Dyno Kwik Pick very effective and fast. 

This lock pick is a great tool for beginners to the masters and is made of quality material. As with all picks, this pick can wear and break, but you can purchase replacement needles very cheap from Bump My Lock.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A thank you for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving,

We are thankful for the support from all of our customers over the years. We know you are the only reason we can provide the level of service we do, and to show our appreciation we are offering a limited time 10% discount on anything in our store. Thats right; for the next week, you can get everything at 10% off using the code "thankful". Again, thank you for your support.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SouthOrd Pagoda Lock Pick Set

By popular demand we have added the SouthOrd Pagoda Lock Pick Set to our catalog. With the rising popularity of the bogota lock picks, this set will exceed your expectations on a lock pick set.  Each pick has a new design and is made with the best material and care. This set would be a GREAT gift for any  lock picker you may know, and with the holiday season just around the corner now is the time.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Product Videos

We are in the process of publishing a series of videos to help better display our products. We believe this will help you get a visual of the product you are purchasing, and better understand the contents of the item. You will notice on our site a new button on our menu page with a link to our youtube video channel. 

As well as finding the videos on the product page, we have also created a playlist just for our product videos to make them easier to find. Playlist

Please let us know what you think, and if there is a product video you would like us to make.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jack Knife Composite Lock Pick Set

I just did a little video on this lock pick set to show how it functions  but wanted to also do a blog post because I was very impressed with this little set.  I know there are other jack knife sets out there, but most use a screw to lock the pick into place.  This set uses a little swing arm that makes the locking and unlocking of the pick sets easy and fast. The Jack Knife Composite Lock Pick Set also has a handy belt clip.  All in all I am very pleased with this set to the point I kept one for myself

As you can see in the picture above, this lock pick set comes with a nice assortment of picks: 
  • Hook lock pick
  • Rake
  • Snake lock pick
  • Jag / lock pick / extractor 
  • Deep forest lock pick
  • Ball lock pick
  • Diamond lock pick
  • Tension tool
You can also check out the video of this lock pick set being handled.

I hope you are as impressed with this set as I am!  You can pick yours up by following the link below:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bump My Lock's New Look

We have stepped up our game and upgraded our site to make the products you are looking for easier to find. We also made it look nice too ( or at least we think so ). If you have not been following our blog, now is the time to start, as it has also has been upgraded! We are going to add many more lock pick and bump key posts to help you with your goals. We are also taking requests, so tell us what to write about and if we select your suggestion expect some free goodies in the mail from Bump My Lock.

We hope the new site and blog will better serve you and thank you for your business.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Choosing the Lock Pick Set for Your Needs

Determining your lock-picking needs is as simple as taking inventory of the types of locks you plan to pick.  For example, for most pin-tumbler locks, you will need a double-ended tension wrench, a variety of rake lock picks and at least one hook lock pick.  For bi-directional wafer locks, a double ball lock pick is essential, in addition to the other key tools. When considering a lockpicking set, you always want to ensure that your picks are made of top-quality materials, such as carbon spring steel or stainless steel. This will give you superior handling, and will allow for a more precise manipulation of the tools.

For most applications, our standard b-230 lock pick set will cover most of your pin-tumbler lock-picking basics. It includes 2 hook locks, a double ball, two different rake picks, 2 single-sided picks and a high-quality double ended tension wrench.  It is a smaller spring steel lock picking set, and all of the picks have reinforced handles, which is essential to protecting the life and integrity of the tools. The spring steel is lightweight and durable.

For a wider range of lock-picking applications, the mpxs-20 is a popular choice.  These lock picks are made of stainless steel, and the heavier picks have reinforced handles which are welded rather than riveted.  Keep your focus on that challenging lock instead of worrying that your lock pick is going to snap right in your hands.  Not only are these tools sturdy, they offer a skilled user precision and longevity.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lock Pick 101 Basic Rake or Lock Scrubbing Method

Lock Picking 101
Lesson 01
Lock Raking or Lock Scrubbing

Understanding the principles of how a lock works is the best place to learn how to pick a lock. We are going to talk about basic pin and tumbler locks in this article like the Kwikset and Schlage locks.

At its core a lock is a simple mechanism that consist of a core, cylinder, upper and lower pins springs and plugs. the basic concept of a lock is when the key is inserted into the lock it will line up the lower pins to the shear line allowing the lock to open where the shear line is the point where the core and the cylinder meet. knowing this basic knowledge gives us a better grasp on defeating the lock.

In this Article we are going to discuss the rake lock pick method or lock scrubbing. This method of picking a lock is very simple in concept but takes a bit of practice to make it effective.

  1. Insert your tension wrench into the lock and apply slight turning pressure ( to get an idea of the amount of pressure to start with take a rubber band and put it on the end of your tension wrench and pull till the band is stretched about half and inch. ). 
  2. Take a rake like the mp-11 or many others found on our site and insert the pick into the keyway as far as it will go without forcing the pick. 
  3. Rapidly pull the rake out of the lock in a straight fluid motion do not let tension off the tension wrench. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 each time applying a little more tension on the tension wrench

If the lock does not unlock after about 5-6 attempts reset the tention wrench and start the whole process over.

Though this method is easy for picking a lock it requires time and practice to perfect and should not expect to master overnight. The biggest learning curve with this lock picking method is learning the right amount of tension to place on the tension wrench

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Products for 2012

We are starting 2012 off with a bang by adding over 100 new products to our catalog ! From individual picks to all new by-pass tools, we are bulking up our product line to have the largest offering of entry tools. Check out our new products and let us know what you think.

How to Pick Locks

You obviously don't want to learn how to pick locks so you can break into a building illegally; hopefully you want to learn to a locksmith or you simply have a tendency to lock yourself out of your own home.When learning how to pick locks you need to consider that there is a wide variety of locks in use today, and some are made specifically to keep out bump keys and other such tools. This means you may not be able to learn how to pick locks in every case. Many locks are made in a specific way and they can be picked or forced in certain ways if you know how to do this. It often takes some finesse and some expertise when it comes to the mechanics of the lock, but once you learn, you may be able to be a very successful locksmith in any area.

To learn how to pick locks, you first need to consider the inside of the lock itself. Most use a type of spring-action pin set. Small pins are lined up on springs; when the lock is in place, those pins all block the door handle from turning. When you slide in a certain key, the jagged edge of the key pushes the pins into a certain up and down pattern. When they are in place in that pattern, they move out of the way of the door handle so it can turn. This is the first step to learning how to pick locks.In order to do this without a key, you need to move the pins out of the way of the door handle. Typically two small bits of metal are needed; one pushes the tumblers or pins down and holds them down while the second continues to work the pins behind it. When you're first learning how to pick locks, you will notice that it takes some finesse and skill. 

You cannot simply slide a piece of metal into the lock and expect it to move all those pins out of the way; if it was this easy, you wouldn't need a key at all!Often learning how to pick locks involves specialized tools for a real locksmith. There are punch tools and bumps you would use in place of trying to push those tumblers yourself. They force everything in place, or pull the lock itself out of place completely. These too need some practice when you're learning how to pick locks with these tools.Learning how to pick locks is not always as easy as some people assume, and if you're going to be a professional locksmith you want to investigate the tools of the trade and know how to use them. Customers will not want you to damage their lock or their doors or anything else when they call you. The only way to how to pick locks professionally is to study how locks are made and how they work and to practice your techniques.