Friday, March 18, 2011

Who would use a Bump Key?

I often get the question, "Who uses bump keys?", and the answer may surprise you.

The #1 purchaser of bump keys is law enforcement; they constitute approximately 35% of all bump keys sales. Law enforcement typically uses bump keys as an alternative to breaking a door down and running the risk of a law suit; with a bump key there is no damage to the lock or door. Bump keys give the law easy entry with no damage.

The #2 purchaser coming in at 25% belongs to Fire and Rescue.  When a human life is at stake and all that stands in the way is a locked door, bump keys grant a fast and reliable form of entry. Bump keys provide fire fighters and rescue workers fast entry to help save lives.

The #3 purchaser belongs to the real estate industry (20%).  Agents, brokers and property managers have spent a lot of money calling locksmiths just to unlock a house where the key was not returned, lost, or, the locks have been changed with no key provided. Bump keys save the real-estate industry and the individual agent money on locksmith fees.

The #4 at 15% is locksmiths.  Bump keys provide tools to locksmiths to help them complete their job with ease, having the right tools help locksmiths complete their job faster and the ability to book more jobs in their workload.

5% belongs to the enthusiast.  Entry tools have fascinated many people since the invention of the lock.  Bump keys are a huge resource in learning how to defeat a lock and give a better understanding of how locks work.

Bump keys rarely fall into the wrong hands from online sales.  All online sales are tracked and have to have a credit card or PayPal and a verified shipping address. The bottom line is bump keys are tools that when used properly provide results to aid law enforcement, fire and rescue, save money, and provide a learning resource.

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