Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bump Proof Locks

We have tested out many locks that claim to be bump/pick proof and have been more that pleased with the BiLock, our main focus is selling entry tool and we have a great staff that test locks with a wide variety of tool. BiLock performs by far over all the other locks we have test. BiLock is the only lock system we sell on and we stand behind the product.

BiLock is an internationally acclaimed high security locking system in use by government, university, and hospital facilities who demand the very best.  It is used by almost every major casino to protect their assets.  It is also available for the homeowner who does not want to compromise the security of their family.  

BiLock only offers pick and bump proof locks.  Most bump proof claims in online advertising are actually false. Don't waste your money on copycats or lies.  If you spend the time to research it, BiLock is the best high security value on the market.  

There are claims of people picking a BiLock cylinder.  In every case we have researched, the operating key was already in their hand and they refused to let us examine the actual lock.  This leads us to believe that the locks were "modified" to make it look easy to pick.  The locks manufactured by BiLock are to the highest standards and quality.  We have yet to personally witness any original BiLock cylinder being picked open without a key.   We donate our locks to picking contests around the world to maintain this confidence. 

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